Sri Lanka second to Pakistan in karate
(By Deepa Adikari)  Published : 9:03 pm  November 27, 2011 | 2 comments | Print This Post  | 1,415 views

Sri Lanka finished runner-up to Pakistan at the inaugural South Asian Senior Karate Championships held at New Delhi, India. Sri Lanka karatekas won six gold, four silver and seven bronze medals to walk away with the runner-up trophy.

Pakistan won the championship, which ended on Friday. Six South Asian nations took part in the tournament.

Gold Medal Winners

  •       K. R. Tissera (<50 kg)
  •       P. B. Dinusha Kumari (<55 kg)
  •       P. A. Chandrika Seneviratne (<61 kg)
  •       P. E. Kudagoda (Women's Kata Open)
  •       V. K. Gunaratne, G. M. Rajakaruna and W. Ranil Kumara (Men's Kata- Team Event)
  •       Madhushani Ariyaratne, Nirmali Amarasinghe and Oshadhi Kodikara  (Women's Kata – Team Event)


Silver Medal Winners

  •       T. M. Mendis (<67 kg)
  •       Madhushani Ariyaratne (Women's Kata Single)
  •       A. L. Jayakodi (<75 kg)
  •       Manoja Sonali, P.H Sahabandu (Women's Kata – Team Event)


Bronze Medal Winners

  •       Manoja Sonali (<45 kg)
  •       P. H. Sahabandu (<50 kg)
  •       M.S. Kumari Perera (>68 kg) (Women's Kata – Team Event)
  •       V. C. Gunaratne (<55 kg)
  •       A. R. Sanjeewa (<60 kg)
  •       D. L. Kalyana (>84 kg)
  •       (Men's Kata – Team Event)


(By Deepa Adikari)


2 Responses to “Sri Lanka second to Pakistan in karate”

  1. romaine and minoshi
    on November 28th, 2011 11:11 am

    i am very proud of the srilankan karate team.
    i like to thank eranda and vimukthi first because i know them they had done a great job.
    thanks to every one.

  2. Supun
    on April 4th, 2012 10:17 pm

    Dinusha akki my congratulations, wish you all the you and your team and practice well…

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