Arethusa, T B Jayah Zahira clash in first Big Match
By M Shamil Amith  Published : 9:49 am  May 18, 2012 | No comments so far | Print This Post  | 591 views

Two longstanding schools Arethusa College Wellawatte and T.B. Jayah Zahira College Slave Island are the two latest schools that will be involved in a traditional big match when the two teams clash in their inaugural Battle of the Greens encounter scheduled to be played at the Colombo Malay Cricket Club Ground (Padang) on May 19.

The two schools have a history of over 75 years with Arethusa having started in 1929 and T.B. Jayah Zahira in 1935. The two schools began playing cricket only recently with Arethusa in the early 90’s and T.b.jayah only last year 2011.

But the enthusiasm and motivation shown by the officials of the two institutions in promoting cricket has encouraged the boys to take the game seriously thus it culminated in the big match being a reality.

The Old Boys Union of the two schools too has given their unstinted support with the aim of supporting the students to take interest in sports activities at school level.

Arethusa College in particular has been participating in junior cricket tournaments organised by the Schools Cricket Association and according to reports they have performed quite well.

T.B. Jayah Zahira on the other hand has been a power in the schools football circuit and has produced top class players who has represented the national team and no doubt with the interest shown by the boys they are sure to make their mark in cricket in the near future.

Arethusa College will be led by all rounder Ishanka Rochana with Umaid Mafaz as his deputy who is supposed to be a reliable right handed batsman. They have three more all-rounders in Malindu Pradeep, Lakshitha Seneviratne and Mohamed Faazil who are expected to be the back bone of the team.

T.B. Jayah Zahira will be led by all rounder Iqlas Ismail with another all rounder Muize Mustar as his deputy. Both are right handers. The duo will be looking support from Rahmath Ali, Mohamed Arfan and Rimaaz Nizam (wicket keeper).

Nevertheless with this being the inaugural encounter there is going to be keen interest from both sides to perform at their best and become the first winners of the ‘Battle of the Greens’.

By M Shamil Amith


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